The Story of The Bounce House Guys

Once upon a time, in a town called Mason, there was a little boy who wanted nothing more than a bounce house at his birthday party. His mother and father scoured the yellow pages and the internet for a bounce house rental company, but no they could not find a single business that offered a good service for a reasonable price. The only ones they could find were expensive ($300 or more!), only available for short periods of time (what good is a bounce house if you only have it for two hours?), required that they, the customer, transport, set up and take down the bounce house (that’s not their job!) or, worst of all, not insured (that’s not safe or legal!)

That little boy was my brother and his plight motivated me to start my own bounce house rental business. I realized that the other moonwalk rental companies were only concerned with the big-ticket clients—churches, festivals, schools—and to attract that clientele, they purchased huge, extravagant inflatables that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Because these companies carry so much overhead, they are unable to offer parents hosting backyard parties a medium-sized bounce house at a fair price. So, when I was a junior in high school, I took all the money I had saved up from the past two summers of working in an amusement park and bought a bounce house. Along with my good friend and business partner Andrew, I took out an ad in our local paper in July of 2006 and started renting out the bounce houses. Believe it or not, ad’s in the paper were actually effective back then!

Our bounce houses were a big hit at birthday parties, family reunions, and even graduation parties. Because we kept our costs low by not buying huge, extravagant inflatables, we could keep our prices low. When Andrew left for college, I took over the business by myself and, with the help of my very supportive family, grew the business every year, including the recession years when most businesses were struggling.

I have been amazed and delighted to see how well my little business idea has been received by parents and kids alike. Seeing how excited the kiddos get when I set up a bounce house is my favorite part about this business. I truly am happy to have found a way to make money doing something I love, and for that I am grateful to all the customers who have made The Bounce House Guys possible.

Ben Doublett
The Bounce House Guy